Retreats for the adventurous...

Guests can enjoy their favorite sports such as horse riding, skiing, mountain biking and hiking in the local scenic trails. Climbing Olympus from the east side i.e. departing from Litochoro, is mostly interesting in terms of landscape beauty. Guests have the opportunity to walk the legendary E4 European mountain trail and camp or stay in the mountain refuges of "Stavros” (930 m), "Spilios Agapitos" (2100 m), "Christos Kakkalos" (2.650 m) and “Yossos Apostolidis" (2.750 m).

Unique routes...

Just five 5 km from Litochoro is the sacred ancient Greek city of Dion, where priceless archaeological treasures come to light every day and 80 km away are the Macedonian Kings’ Tombs of Vergina. At a similar distance in Thessaloniki, there are archaeological museums, Byzantine churches, castles, the old town and shopping centers that may attract any visitor. 35 km south of Litochoro we meet the imposing Valley of Tempi, where Zeus courted the Nine Muses and Orpheus played the first notes in history. Finally, 130 km down the road, the majestic rocks of Meteora with their Byzantine monasteries hanging from the sky are a “must see” destination.